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* Notre prédécesseur : Groupement de Recherche PRIMA/CNRS  PRopapation et Imagerie en Milieu Aléatoire, dirigé par Claude BOCCARA and Roger MAYNARD.

* Wave Scattering in Complex Media: from theory to applications, NATO Advanced Study Institute, GDR PRIMA Winter School/Ecole Thématique du CNRS, June 10-22, 2002, Cargèse. Organisers: Bart van Tiggelen (director) and Sergey Skipetrov (co-director)




*  University of Twente, the Netherlands, Complex Photonic Matter : Ad Lagendijk, Rudolf Sprik, Willem Vos.

*  European Laboratory for Non-linear Spectroscopy, Florence, Italy,  Anderson Localization and Optics of Liquid Crystals : Optics of Complex Systems : Diederik Wiersma.

*  Photon Localization and Photonic Bandgaps, University of Toronto, Sajeev John

*  University of Warschaw, Poland, Electromagnetic Waves in Disordered Media : Arkadiusz Orlowski.

*  Queens College, City University of New York, USA Mesoscopic Physics with Light and Microwaves : Azriel Genack

*  UCSD Left Handed Materials Home page, David Smith

*  Negative Group Velocities

*  The Green light flash. And another one

*  Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Madrid, Nieto Vesperinas.

*  Photonics Group, Imperial College, Chris Dainty

*  Optical Society of America

*  Optics Express, the Electronic International Journal of Optics






*  University of Manitoba, Acoustic Waves in Strongly Scattering Media : John Page.

*  University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign : Diffuse Ultrasound : Richard Weaver

*  Physical Acoustics Laboratory : Colorado School of Mines, John Scales. Friends of Acoustics

*  Sonoluminescence: an Introduction

*  some hot stuff acoustics

*  references on Time-reversal

*  Acoustical Society of America




Théorie & Mathématiques


*  George PAPANICOLAOU, University of Stanford, Mathematics Department, USA.

*  Mesoscopic Physics, University of Leiden, Pays-Bas, Carlo Beenakker

*  Mathematical Physics, University of California, Abel Klein, Alex Figotin






* Breaking the barriers of Shannon's capacity: An Overview Of Mimo wireless systems






*  Ames Laboratory Photonic Band Gap Home Page : Costas Soukoulis

*  Photonic Bandgap Links






*  Roel SNIEDER, Colorado School of Mines, Department of Geophysics, Golden, USA.

*  Earthquakes Shake, Rattle, and Roll





*  Mike MISHCHENKO, NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies, New York City, USA.

*  The Infrared Group, University of Amsterdam, Joop Hovenier


Matière molle


* Experimental Soft Condensed Matter Group, Harvard University, David Weitz

* Kent Liquid Crystal Institute , Peter Palffy Muhoray

* Colloids, complex fluids and Biological Tissue, Arjun Yodh, University of Pennsylvania

* The Maret Group on Soft Condensed Matter, Université de Constance






* MR imaging group, Mayo clinic, Rochester university,

* Biomedical Ultrasonics Laboratory, University of Michigan,

* Jorgen Jensen Fast Imaging group, Danemark,

* 3D ultrasonic Imaging Group , University of California,

* University of Rochester, Dept of Electrical Engineering,

* Duke University , Biomedical Research Projects,

*  Antony Devaney Homepage, Imaging and Inverse Problems,

*  CENSSIS Center for SubSurface Imaging and Imaging Systems,